I had wondered if Mindy would be at the Emmys, now that her show is on Hulu instead of on FOX (which aired the telecast). In fact, I didn’t know why Zach Levi was there, either — not that I’m complaining, but Heroes: Reborn is on NBC, his game show Geeks Who Drink is on Syfy, which is owned by NBCUniversal, and his other project is on Hulu — but then I Googled Hulu and it turns out the company is jointly owned by a bunch of networks, including FOX. Mystery solved. This concludes today’s episode of Boring Inside Baseball Stuff No One Cares About But Me. Let’s get to the clothes.

I’m going to call that goldenrod, until someone better versed in Crayola than I tells me otherwise, and I love it on her. She looked truly smashing — so did he, although only fastening the top button and then shoving hands in pockets disrupts the clean line of a suit/tux — and I think my only beef is that in some lights the sparkles on the sleeves and belt ended up looking only as luxe as David’s Bridal. But I love that she has someone dressing her who loves her figure and knows how to hug it, and when a person feels happy and comfortable and glamorous, it tends to transcend any nits that are there to pick. Also, she accidentally did a great job coordinating her outfit with the Emmy envelope, which for a second I mistook for a clutch. That might be a handy way to shoplift a trophy. Start showing up places with really creatively shaped bags, and then at the Golden Globes just swipe one casually and then if security makes a stink you can blink innocently and say, “Oh, sorry. I could have SWORN that was my purse.”

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