I suspect that, in an actual ring, Natasha would twist Kaitlin into a pretzel. Let’s see if she can top her in an entirely non-physical poll battle. Oh, the suspense.

Objectively, for me, this Sally LaPointe dress is wacky. Natasha looks like she chopped up a bedsheet on a dare. But she also looks very pretty with that great hair, and she’s braceleted, and her Noted Kook aura clicks very well with what is essentially one half of a very lazy ghost costume. So while I can’t say I like this, I WILL say that I like HER, and that this outfit may therefore have found its best possible chance of not winning any Worst Dressed awards. That counts as a happy ending, right?

Kaitlin’s version of this is more refined:

It’s the photonegative, and there’s no poncho DNA, so that’s something. I also love the emerald lining of the cape. This really does feel like Expensive Designer vs. Semi-Homemade, but I still have to give Natasha that she’s selling hers with better hair and higher spirits. Which isn’t to say that I’m dinging Kaitlin for not doing exactly as Natasha does on the red carpet. That’s may not be her thing, and it was a bajillion degrees and she may have been wilting from the heat… there are any number of reasons she looks more controlled and a shade dour, and I’ve learned not to fault people for them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t also CREDIT a person who tosses on a smile. So who wins: The (potentially) objectively nicer gown, or the one who’s accessorizing with personality and finger waves?

Call it: Which do you like best?

  • Natasha's, straight up (24%, 1,271 Votes)
  • Natasha's, because she's bringing special sauce to it (44%, 2,356 Votes)
  • Kaitlin's, straight up (30%, 1,590 Votes)
  • Kaitlin's, because SHE is bringing some sauce to it also; it's just different sauce (3%, 161 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,378

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]