I don’t totally understand why Robin Wright didn’t walk the red carpet at the Emmys. She was nominated for House of Cards, and, not for nothing, when you get free clothes from a designer, I tend to think all they want from you are some photographs that can show up in magazines or on the Internet. Thank God for Instagram, I guess; maybe they made this deal and everyone was happy.

Then again, maybe she didn’t love this, and so she kept it severe with her makeup and didn’t really mess with things like accessories or even a proper hem. The thing is, while the jumpsuit has issues, it’s also very clean and crisp and she ALMOST really sells it from the front. But the back throws things a bit:

That is more than an open back. That is no back. This is a backless suit. With pant creases shooting out of her bum that are so sharp you could pick your teeth with them. Maybe in retrospect it’s for the best that she didn’t have a reason to get out of her seat.

No more jumpsuits, now, I mean it.

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[Photos: Ralph Lauren Instagram]