Anna, I love you, but I have notes:

A) We’re terribly jealous here in the US that everyone in the UK got to start Downton last night and we didn’t.

B) If you and/or Bates end up in jail again at any time in this final season, I shall go TOTALLY MENTAL with CAPSY RAGE in my recaps/in general

C) I’m concerned that here in “reality,” or whatever, this dress washes you out.


D) You probably should have gotten someone — say, a ladies’ maid???? — to pin your hair up. It’s hot, and we can’t see your saucy halter detailing in the front with your hair getting all up in its business. It seems that you, Anna Bates, or whatever your real is is, need an Anna-type person to help you out, perhaps. I volunteer for next year, but only if we can hang out with Matthew Goode the whole time. THANKS.

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