I love Chris Pratt. He is one of those actors that I love no matter how he looks — I think he’s cute when he’s all buff, and cute when he’s not. I just like him. He seems like such a nice dude, possibly because the two roles I most associate him with (Bright on Everwood, and his current role on Parks and Rec) are loveable, well-meaning guys who aren’t maybe SUPER smart, but would be a delight to hang out with (in the non-sarcastic way). I like him so much that he makes her more likeable for me:

And I know people love Anna Faris — I myself enjoyed The House Bunny — but I don’t understand a) what she did to her face and b) why she is in that terrible looking movie where the trailer shows her doing OF ALL THINGS a Borat impression and there’s a terrible joke about how the gyno she used to date only recognized her from her vagina. I saw that preview when I was at Bridesmaids, and the WHOLE AUDIENCE thought that was the funniest thing ever. Except for me, Little Miss Cranky, who groaned and said, “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME” so loudly that my friend Carrie actually leaned over and noted, “That movie is not for you.” I am sure I will watch it on a plane, where I watch all such films. HOWEVER: her dress? I kinda like it.

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