I do find her delightful as a human, and I know she’s promoting the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns, and this dress does look like something someone might wear to one’s suffragette meeting (as a young woman, I was EXTREMELY interested in the suffragette plot in Mary Poppins, which totally tracks), if they decided to hold said meeting at a garden party. And, honestly, The Suffragettes Throw a Garden Party absolutely sounds like a novel I want to read. It’s clearly about a whole crew of British suffragettes and all the adventures they have in the three months leading up to their garden party, which was the suggestion of the newest suffragette — she’s married to someone inappropriately old for her and she spends all his money and he’s very benevolently amused by all of it — and which is a rousing success, to the grudging acceptance of all the old ladies who suspect she is fast but who also grow to appreciate her moxie and realize that sniffing at her for showing too much cleavage is contrary to their principles. Emily is sporting the dress that the Good Girl Protagonist wears to this party, where she finally successfully matchmakes the crankiest old broad in the group with her own gruff-but-honorable guardian, a retired admiral who is a secret feminist. Shit, I think I just talked myself into this whole look.

[Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com]