Taylor Spreitler here used to be on Days, and is currently on Melissa & Joey — which…I kind of can’t believe is actually real — and she is very cute indeed. Apparently her character is named “Lennox Scanlon,” which is so the kind of name that only happens in fiction. Also, I choose to take it as a shout-out to 90210′s Poor Dead Scott Scanlon, who was almost entirely ignored yesterday during our 90210 Orgy of Fug.  Here you go, Scott:


We’re sorry you had to shoot yourself at your birthday party so that all the kids at West Bev could learn important lessons about the fragility of life. Also, sorry your head is so small in this picture. Things are tough all around. Especially for the person who had to come up with the name of the item that Taylor is modeling here:

OK! Magazine USA's 5th Anniversary Party - Arrivals

I don’t think that one-armed jacket is attached to her dress, I think it is a separate piece (not to be confused with the seminal YA novel, A Separate Peace). Here is the question: WHAT DOES ONE CALL A ONE-ARMED JACKET? Does not the very concept of the one-armed jacket — though ideal for people who only have one arm, I suppose — take the platonic concept of the jacket as a thing and turn it inside out and on top of itself? IF A JACKET ONLY HAS ONE ARM CAN IT TRULY BE A JACKET? Or is it a half-jacket? A halfet? A demi-jacket? A semi-jacket? A smacket? A jacklette? A half-jacklette? A jacketesque? All I know is, if Melissa & Joey raises these kinds of thorny life-questions, Taylor and her very cute bangs will have a job for a very long time.