Okay, first, I need to vent: All these deliberately misleading headlines about a Friends reunion are apocryphal and appalling to me. It’s the worst kind of clickbait (along with this newly popular thing of tweeting links to stories as if they are current, until you click on them, and find out they are six months old or worse; I call it “dickbait”). The headlines here should read, “Five of Six Friends Will Be At A Televised Party,” because that’s basically what it is. And we have enough unnecessary retreads happening right now — Heroes, Prison Break, 24, arguably X-Files,and that Coach remake that was mercifully killed before it had a chance to flop — so I’m not sure why a Friends reunion is so hot. Does anyone really want them to either a) reunite and make jokes like NO time has passed, or b) reunite and suddenly Phoebe is cracking wise about menopause? Not everything needs to be exhumed.

Well. That was TWO ventings. Neither of which are Jennifer Aniston’s fault, but whatever, she was the vehicle that sparked it. And she is, sadly for her, not immune to my frustration:

I shudder to think what the sticker price is here. Because that lazy seam down the front, the tied ruffle, and the gynecological slit all feel intensely Macy’s. And I have no problem with Macy’s, but I also think Jennifer Aniston can aim higher than that — and the designers that price themselves in the stratosphere should at least deliver something that isn’t evocative of a dress I bought at the mall in 2004 for a wedding.

[Photp: Getty]