For a brief, happier second, I thought she had on a belt.

And while it wasn’t perfect, I could work with it. But now that it’s flesh poking out, it almost looks like a split seam, or that the gown doesn’t FIT very well, and THAT sent me down the rabbit hole ot whether the teal on the underside fought too hard with the shoes that coordinate with the REST of the dress, and then I basically just stayed down there once my eye went to the weird inflatable pleats around her hip bones. I am stuck in the rabbit hole. Send help. It’s muddy down here, although I guess that might help my pores.


  • I love this! STAY IN YOUR HOLE. (22%, 887 Votes)
  • This is okay, but try to crawl out and we'll talk about it some more. (45%, 1,808 Votes)
  • Wait, shoot, I'm falling down the hate hole too. STAY THERE. I NEED COMPANY. (33%, 1,334 Votes)

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