Hey, she wore Miu Miu to the last country music awards event! Kacey Musgraves must be Miu Miu’s Country Darling of 2014. (She does seem likeable; I’m saying that knowing literally nothing about her except that anyone who performed wearing this must have a sense of humor)  I’m pleased to note that I think this — though clearly related — is WAY better:

It might be missing SOMETHING — I’m not quite sure what; the beading on the top of the dress negates the need for a necklace and I don’t think I’d do a bracelet, either, actually (don’t worry; I am taking my temperature right now). I actually might have just given her a really great and noteworthy clutch and had her CARRY her main accessory. Like, just envision this with a really perfect bag in that hand that’s not got the huge ring on it. Perfect, right? BAG FOR EVERYONE.

Your turn.