I feel like, if I came to you and said, “Chrissy Teigen is wearing pleated, blush satin trousers paired with a blush crepe blouse that’s got feathers on the cuffs and upper arms,” you would SCREAM and be full of darkness and terror. At best, this sounds like something Deirdre Hall would have been wearing on¬†Days while crying about John Black deciding he was going to become a priest or some such. AND YET! It’s rather elegant and demure here, as befitting a woman who (apparently) wants to talk to me about Chase. Chrissy, can you please find out why Chase only sends the bill for our business credit card like every three months or so, and just like forgets to, the rest of the time? I’d REALLY appreciate it. Thanks — and, always, thanks for all the headbands.

[Photo: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com]