Proenza Schouler has a new fragrance out called “Arizona,” and I really don’t think of Proenza Schouler as being very southwestern, but for all I know, they both grew up in Phoenix, and/or just had a really transformative trip to Tucson. (The marketing copy for this fragrance is as entertaining as perfume copy always is. Ahem: “Arizona – an idea, a dream. It conjures feelings of liberation to find a greater truth. Arizona – a name. A respect and love of nature, and a sense of unbridled freedom. Arizona – a state of mind.” I mean, yeah, the Grand Canyon is great. You do you, guys.) Regardless, they had a party for this perfume, as all designers do at Fashion Week (there is no better moneymaker than a fragrance for a brand, as I understand it), and hence that is why Chloe Sevigny is lurking in front of this backdrop like she’s premiering a sequel to Big Love, wherein her character moves to, uh, Arizona and opens a boutique with bad lighting that only stocks interesting rocks and vaguely modest gowns that she has altered to show her midriff.

[Photo by: Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock]