Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini is kind of the junior-level Brooke Forrester of real celebrity life, for me; replete with optimism, she changed her name after both weddings, the consequence being that in a weird way allĀ three of her names have stuck: Tweedy, from when she started in Girls Aloud; Cole, from when she married footballer Ashley, and which she used on The X-Factor; and Fernandez-Versini, from when she returned to The X-Factor. I just call her Cheryl Etc, although I believe she technically goes by just Cheryl now, per Wikipedia. Either one is easier.

Anyway, as noted in the headline, Cheryl Etc. attended a wedding this weekend in this Zuhair Murad outfit. Now, I don’t rightly know what weddings Cheryl Etc. typically attends, but I would be VERY surprised if the dress code at this one — the groom was the producer of her new TV show — was, “Come as the garter.”