Rita here wore this for a Rimmel London commercial shoot.

It is… intriguing, by which I mean awful. The earrings and necklace are totally fighting the sequined top… you know what, I don’t know why I’m even bothering with a legitimate discussion of the outfit. It’s bananas. THE PANTS. And not for nothing, if my memory is correct, Rimmel London is a cosmetics company, and yet her makeup looks depressingly heavy — almost, in fact, like she is on a walk of shame. I don’t get it, and am curious to see the final versions. And I REALLY don’t know why that crime against her lower half had to be committed, unless that’s just the stuff she wore to set and they decided to keep it. in which case it can at least be explained away by her own Rita Ora-ness.

So what SHOULD this be an ad for? No prize here; just fun. Is she advertising the benefits of bikini waxing? How to recycle old denim into a new pair of jeans? A new show called Things That Make You Go Hmm, hosted by the C&C Music Factory? String cheese? What?

[Photo: INF Daily]