In case you missed it, on Saturday we started putting up pictures of celebs about town that we weren’t able to fit in during the regular posting week. We’ll probably be doing that from here on out, with varying levels of intensity — some weeks there might not be a lot, some weeks there might be a ton — but the nut of it is: Weekend Fug is here, in case you are bored/hiding/stuck at the office/wondering why there aren’t more photos of bad overalls in your life.

And here is what went up, if you want to catch up: Ashley Greene’s deliriously bad overalls and bra combo, a confusing on-set ensemble from Zosia Mamet/Shoshanna, Channing Tatum unrecognizable in a manssiere, Nicole Scherzinger in a demi-loincloth, Ryan Cabrera looking dishearteningly like Ryan Cabrera, Ben McKenzie looking hearteningly like Ben McKenzie, and Ginnifer Goodwin wearing lip loafers on the same day Christina Hendricks wore a good dress.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you next weekend.