She noted on her Instagram that she’s “still working to find a way to balance fashion and sustainability” and that she got this dress from Rent the Runway. (It’s this one, I think.) She looks SUPER in it — although I would have had her wear a leopard-print shoe just to sass things up — and I love the idea of celebrities being this upfront about where they’re getting their clothes/actually sitting down and just Rent The Runway-ing stuff like the rest of us. This was the opening of a Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios, so it definitely called for something professional, but it didn’t need anything uber-fancy, and it definitely didn’t require going out and buying a new dress. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE to buy a new dress, but I also love to sell an old dress, and I think it would be fascinating and fun to see celebrities re-wear things. (Like it is when Meghan and Kate rewear clothing; It’s interesting to see items re-styled later down the line!) Many celebs are only borrowing clothing from designers to begin with, so they actually¬†can’t always stick their head into the back of their closet and rewear things, but still: Think about all the cute/crazy/ amazing /confusing stuff we’ve only seen once and we might want to see again! Questions could be answered, dreams could be fulfilled!

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