What better to wear to something called the Impact Awards than something so potently great? This is Alice + Olivia, and Stacey Bendet has long had a way with patterns; her line just isn’t always taken as seriously, probably because — and it’s been a while since I was at Fashion Week so bear with this if it’s not true — she doesn’t seem hung up on being Important and Super Fashiony, as much as just… fun, and lively. Both of which I appreciate. THIS is fun, and lively, and I think it’s divine.

Speaking of divine: Danai Gurira. But how do we like the Gabriela Hearst she’s wearing?

2nd Annual CARE Impact Awards Dinner

I am so close to loving it. But it seems a hair tight in the chest. That whole keyhole situation isn’t super necessary to begin with, but doesn’t help that it’s reminding me of how, when you wear a too-small bra, the band won’t lay against your skin.

And now, your event chairpeople:

2nd Annual CARE Impact Awards Dinner

Iman is managing to look like a goddess even with a dress that has yoked itself to her neck. And I feel for Zac. We’re heading into awards season and his company is done. Do you think he can still dress people, and remind the world at large of his skills, by digging into his archives? I was wondering whether designers keep real expansive archives, or if they actually create the “archival” stuff to order but just from old designs. People reference “archival” in the sustainability conversation, though, so I assume it’s the former? If so, it’d be so neat to see Zac stay on the red carpets this winter and spring — and become a part of that discussion — by putting women in his archival stuff. Emma Watson is all ABOUT eco-conscious fashion, Zac! Give her a call. Little Women isn’t going anywhere; she’ll have to start turning up to things eventually.

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