I’ve been tepid at best on GOOP’s latest garb, but I’m going to give this a tentative B-plus.

The floaty vintage nightie silhouette is very nice on her. (Weirdly, I could actually see this on Kate Middleton. Maybe Gwyneth has a private Pinterest board dedicated to the Duchess.) She’s keeping it simple but still romantic, it’s not depressing me, I’m not squawking about pizza or any other substitute words for The Sheers… honestly, as quiet and quaint as this look may be, I also call it a success for her.

In part because of the bonus round:

I genuinely think that’s the best and healthiest her hair has looked in eons. Maybe she should start a side newsletter called Hair GOOP where she shares her deep conditioning secrets. Or maybe she just FINALLY found where Apple hid her hairbrush.

[Photos: Getty]