Okay, nobody is wearing bracelets anymore, apparently. Is there a devastating bangle shortage in Hollywood? Do we need to throw a benefit concert at which The Bangles will play, bewailing the near-extinct wrist jewelry and the cruel anti-arm movement that has extinguished it? Will they sing “Walk Like An Egyptian” and add in several referenced to the fact that doing so would require a lot of bracelets IF ONLY THERE WERE ANY TO BE HAD? Because I will promote that gala.

That said, I like the gown. Maybe that’s kooky of me, but the massive spiky sun made me smile. She looks glamorous and different and, indeed, like she’s fond of the Ancient Egyptian art of gilded drama. And she also looks like someone who might bring stuff in her bag for doing people’s Zodiac charts in the powder room, which would be totally fine with me as long as she stacks the deck for ol’ Leo a little bit and stops telling me things like, “Check with your cell phone provider this month to see if you can get a better plan.” BORING.

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