Fade up on the May December group chat:


CHARLES MELTON: Natalie Portman is texting me!!!

NP: Charles, you don’t have to say that every time.

CM: It’s just exciting. You’re Natalie Portman and I was in Riverdale!!

NP: Julianne was in All My Children.

JULIANNE MOORE: It was As The World Turns. And I was amazing in a dual role.

CM: Julianne Moore is texting me!!

JM: I am. What’s up?

NP: This screening. I was thinking…please don’t take offense to this, Charles…vampire hunters.

CM: There aren’t vampires in Riverdale. Probably? I can’t totally remember.

JM: Like Buffy? 


NP: You guys are being too literal. I mostly just meant, let’s do all black. Chic. Kinda goth. Timeless. Easy to wear if you spill something. Flattering. Hard to hate.

CM: I’ll do whatever you want, Natalie!

JM: I was going to wear black anyway. The Angel leather duster is a go!


(Photo by Dave Benett/WireImage)