We’ve lobbed around a bunch of wild theories about what’s happening on And Just Like That, and after seeing this pic, I couldn’t help but wonder: Are we correct that Carrie is Going Through Some Shit? Her character appears to be at or near a hospital, and she is wearing Birks with ankle socks that she APPEARS to have embellished with her own pom-pom anklet?!? At first I wondered if SJP was just resting her feet because they’re only shooting close-ups, but Cynthia is in her chunky, clunky heels, which suggests she at least expected her feet to be on camera. So it must be a choice. And it is A CHOICE, unless Carrie has gone through a major character change due perhaps to life upheaval. I suggested once before that maybe she had retreated upstate to become a jam impresario, and it’s now also possible she has a General Store that sells her homemade knits:

'And Just Like That...' TV show filming, New York, USA  - 25 Aug 2021

She is reading Fight Night by Miriam Toews, which does not come out until October 2021. SJP herself is a huge reader and is very good and gracious about being seen out and about with books (or at least putting them on her Instagram). Is she relaxing between takes, or is Carrie reading this while she’s waiting at this medical facility, because it will be out by the time the series premieres? Maybe Big has become incapacitated and Carrie has been spending all her time at his bedside crocheting? Look, I do not have a lot of love for the original series or characters, but shooting this thing all around New York has done a bang-up job making me curious about what the heck they’re doing and WHY Carrie is dressing this way. I’m telling you, SJP is incredibly smart. I’ve never been to her store AND I am not her target audience for this nostalgia sequel, and yet I have seen a LOT of both.

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