I’m loving the fullness of Swifty’s hair here.

But she, like Heidi before her, looks like she’s jacking the skeeze of someone Of The Night — in this case, a former roller-disco queen named Venus Mercury, who became a hostess-on-wheels at a swinger’s club after a brief stint as the second alternate on the Olympic skating team, where she was known as Kelly-Ann and slept on a Holly Hobbie pillowcase.

The thing is, I like the skirt and the shoes; I just wish the bodice had rethought its direction in life. That’s not going to be flattering on anyone, particularly, besides which not everything on a person’s body has to be tiny and tight all at the same time. The skirt has enough sass for the rest of it; I’d have kept it simpler up top. Would you salvage this, or scrap it?


  • Salvage (53%, 2,376 Votes)
  • Scrap (36%, 1,603 Votes)
  • Leave unchanged (11%, 511 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,490

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