Having just knocked this in the headline, or seemingly anyway, I must confess: I think I love it. It’s CRAZY, but Zoe can carry crazy. (I was going to make a crack about how, after all, she is a person who starred in a Britney Spears movie and lived to reach the A-list, but then I remembered: Taryn Manning is on Orange Is The New Black, and Shonda freaking Rhimes WROTE Crossroads, and Britney herself rose from the ashes of her own decisions to star in a Vegas show, so… Crossroads turned out not to be so toxic after all.)

As I was saying, Zoe is no stranger to statement-dressing, and this is one of her more eloquent attempts. Yes, it has fringe hanging from her waist AND her hem, but she is working it. That fringe is HANDLED, Olivia Pope-style. It’s also totally befitting a lady who has not one, not two, but THREE outer-space-based franchises on her resume. She is every bit the glamorous visitor from an adjacent galaxy, who’s ostensibly just here to say hi and see Mount Rushmore, but might also be checking out real estate prices.

And also, not for nothing, I like traffic cones. They’re helpful. So there.

Zoe went with a similar color story at an event overseas:

I’m glad she didn’t go with matching shoes up top, with the orange Pucci. This Givenchy could also have used a contrasting color, but it’s a nice outfit — sane, sensible, and thus totally off-brand for the Givenchy of late. Perhaps the tide is turning.

This number is from the same line, Loewe, that conceived this bungled Alexa Chung gown.

It’s a leather bar meets The Fifth Element meets an LV handbag. The only good news about it is, I can’t imagine these designs can plummet any Loewer?

[Photo: Getty]