This is an exceptional cover. What Zendaya can do with one eye, I can’t even do with two. It’s doubly cool because, while Allure is often lumped in with fashion magazines, its focus is beauty — and the vivid eye makeup stands out amid all the other elements at work here. It doesn’t dominate, but it does celebrate, drawing you right to the subject’s piercing gaze.

I assume “The Out of Office Issue” is one that’s travel-focused, which I actually quite enjoy, conceptually. And the accompanying photo shoot of Zendaya was done at a small-craft airfield


I LOVE the motion of that hair flip. There are other great photos in the piece itself, which won’t tell you much about Zendaya that you don’t already know, but is also not an arduous read at all. She talks a little about wanting to read and understand her own contracts better because that’s something she’s just aged into doing — that’s an angle on being a child star that I never really thought about, that being, at what point you are so used to being too young to deal with that stuff that you forget you can flip the switch and take on more of it personally — and then talk turned to the State Of The World:

“There’s literally injustice happening every second. It’s intense and it’s overwhelming, and I think a lot of young people are feeling that,” she says. “But what do we do about it? All I can say is try to find a balance between doing the work and still not letting it destroy you as a person and destroy your hope and faith in humanity,” she says. But I think Zendaya does have the answer — or at least one that works for her: “It’s allowing yourself to be angry enough to want to be motivated to do something, but not to where it breaks you down,” she says.

That’s a tough line to walk. I don’t think I’ve gotten there yet.

[Photos: Allure]
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