What more can anyone say about Zendaya? We are low on new superlatives for how.. superlative… she is. This photo is amazing. I don’t believe it’s the main cover, but it should be; although the other is good too, this one for me is a spectacular convergence of outfit and pose and just total confidence in what they were doing. Not many people could contort themselves this way and have it be breathtaking. This entire shoot was a love letter to art: to shapes, to color, to the way a person can take up space in the world.

Law Roach — who is Zendaya’s ride-or-die — was also the stylist for this one, and he posted a great shot and wrote about it on his Instagram:

That photography duo also did Kerry Washington’s T&C shoot (as did Law), and that’s one hell of a portfolio just from this week.

Laura Brown posted a drone video they made, which is also worth seeing:

Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, got the nod to chat with Zendaya for the cover story, and there are a TON more pictures to consume in there. Bask in the talent. What a way to ride out another week.

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