There were rumors these two are dating, which¬†seem to be just that — wisps of smoke but not much fire; just the kind of thing all big budget movies enjoy around their premieres because it can keep them in the headlines (see also: brief whispers about Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron, timed with¬†Baywatch, and which died once it seemed obvious that nothing was saving that thing). But the rumors don’t have to be true for us to get some A-grade photocall cuteness, in the vein of their Spider-Man predecessors, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone — who actually did date, and whose couplehood led to a LOT of Internet cooing during those junkets. And indeed, didn’t Tobey Maguire date Kirsten Dunst start dating during shooting of their first Spider-Man, only to break up somewhere in the midst of the second? Is that Spidey suit an aprodisiac?

[Photos: Backgrid, WENN]