As we all slowly (hopefully) begin to return to our wardrobes, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at our own clothes of yore and talk about our favorite pieces — not theoretical or fictional pieces, but ones we actually owned (or still own) and remember with great fondness. I have a vintage teal green Yves Saint Laurent blazer that my mom bought for me as a special gift from a consignment store many moons ago (and which is BACK IN STYLE!) and which I treasure. It is probably my number one article of clothing that I love the most, and which I am constantly checking to make sure it hasn’t been attacked by moths.  (In fact, I just checked it. Hanging in there!)  But in the category of Clothing I Loved and Lost, I also had a pair of (these sound wild, please bear with me) orange trousers from Esprit that were covered with blue fish, and which have been lost to the sands of time. Do I occasionally search for them on eBay? You bet.

Your turn!