These came out a little bit ago, and we just didn’t get our acts together to jump on them, but we are remedying that today. Black Panther is set to come out in April 2018 — WAIT, hang on, I Googled this last night but I’m told now it’s February? I was going to say it was Marvel’s early-summer tentpole, because that’s when the movie season begins now, but apparently it’s… now coming out during the awards rush when no one is paying attention? That’s worrisome. ANYHOO, release date notwithstanding, I would argue the only other 2018 release people are clamoring for as much right now is A Wrinkle In Time. Even Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t have me as jazzed. (Clumsy title much, Disney?)

But can we just note that Sterling K. Brown is in this, but didn’t get his own poster? THROW US A BONE PLEASE.

Anyway: Drink it all in, and then let’s chat.