So, we’re still a bit pandemic-ish — or fully pandemic-y, depending on where you are! — but the leaves will still turn and the days will still shorten and the pumpkin spice latte will still appear! It is still autumn, regardless of the state of the world, and I for one am still determined to squeeze some joy out of the changing of the seasons even if I am still more-or-less at home. And ergo I thought it might be fun to talk about the things that we’re all looking forward to in the upcoming autumnal months. Do you have a great Halloween decoration for your house that you love putting up? Are you going to eat 10000000 apple cider donuts? Do you have a flannel nightgown you are obsessed with? (I do — it’s this one! I own three of them — but it’s literally 100 degree at my house today, so it’s going to have to wait.) Are you excited for the World Series? Do you have a special Halloween candy that you stock up on? Are you putting up a charming autumnal wreath? Let’s celebrate the equinox together!

PS: These are an affiliates link to LL Bean, which currently has an entire STORY about their flannel on their homepage, so they feel me at the moment. This is not meant to be a FLANNEL-CENTRIC post but I guess I kinda fell into a wormhole.