There was so much on Gossip Girl that was inaccurate about Fashion Week last night. For one thing, Heather and I rarely have the kind of awesome seats Eleanor Waldorf gave us:


[Photo: Heather’s Camera]

Also, I rarely react to seating charts with a delighted squeal and maybe some hand-clapping, which – I must confess — is exactly I did when I noticed this. Gossip Girl crew, I think we owe you a beer because you kind of made my Monday night.

And then poor Little J kind of bought it back down:


Which is something she should consider doing with her hem. Seriously. That skirt is SHORT. Add the empire waist to the equation and it kind of looks like she’s squeezed into something she wore as a child. You know, three years ago. The fact that it also seems to be made out of my grandma’s kitchen curtains from 1948 and might actually have rick-rack on it — when anyone who’s ever watched The Hills knows that everyone working a fashion show wears all black — is almost beside the point. Although it would be wrong for me not to take this moment to confess that I would kill someone for the chance to see a crossover between Gossip Girl and The Hills if it meant that somehow, Jenny had to work for Kelly Cutrone.  But listen, when you have to slouch so you don’t flash the camera your undies, you need a longer dress:


[Photos: via]

But honestly, thank god for Little J. What on earth would I complain about, if not for her? I mean, Vanessa wasn’t even IN this episode. Maybe Rufus’s hair. He is beginning to look like he’s spending his downtime living in that Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Kramer get low-flow shower heads. But I can’t be too rough on him. Look at what he has to deal with! That girl is wearing a quasi-ruff made entirely of Red Hots. HE HAS A LOT ON HIS PLATE.