First of all: print magazines are set and sorted a few months before they actually hit the newsstands, so all of the ones coming out in April are going to feel….insane. (Who knows how the July and August ones will fare? No one can shoot editorials or covers right now. [I mean, technically I suppose magazines fall under the category of journalism, and thus are considered essential, but while we writers can work from home, it seems unethical to drag the amount of people — mostly New Yorkers — needed for a cover shoot into one place where they cannot stand six feet apart for six pages about sandals or whatever. Are we going to have several months of fashion magazines featuring drawings? Or selfies? Or are some magazines just going to shutter for a few months — possibly then forever?]) Aya Kanai took over the EiC duties at Marie Claire in December, but this is her first issue and she has to be looking at the words “Can I Live?” on her cover and just cringing inside.

This cover, if you look at it divorced from current events, is not bad. It’s unusual for Gisele to do these anymore, and of course she is lovely, and the interview with her is substantively about climate change and sustainabilty; it feels very productive, and it’s quite long . The subscribers’ cover is good, too:


I mean, eventually maybe I will want clogs.