I assume that cardigan came with the outfit, because it’s such an exact color match, but Yara should have left that one in the hanger, or “forgotten it in the limo,” or whatever. Her spinoff of black-ish, called grown-ish, could be construed as the Different World of this era, but that’s not necessarily a reason to dress like she just popped out of the Esprit outlet.

One she pops off that thing, it gets much better:

'Grown-ish' TV show premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 13 Dec 2017

Her feet clearly slept through her alarm and are still slumbering peacefully wherever she lives, and that’s a shame, because the rest of this is appropriately college-age and cute on her. Imagine it hemmed better, and with a bright, fun coat instead of the musty cardigan. Celebrity Coat Intervention would make a great addition to our budding franchise, but who would host it? Who is the overcoat queen of the celebrity realm? Frankly, it’s the most pressing question of our day. Gabrielle Union? Blake Lively? Or is this the niche of a Rita Ora, who would be adept at throwing anything loud at a person’s outfit to see if it sticks?

[Photos: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]