None of the newest crop of Dior “global brand ambassadors” — Jisoo from Blackpink, Iris Law from Jude Law, Nina Dobrev from I’m not sure right now — made it to the couture show, that I can tell, but Yara Shahidi at least gave them an image to work with here. Yara and three other people here look Photoshopped into their backdrops (I’m guessing Yara’s picture came from this shoot her stylist posted), which I’m guessing is how they covered for the folks who couldn’t or didn’t want to fly to Paris, and indeed, then, why COULDN’T they get Jisoo and Iris and Nina included in that whole shenanigan? Anyway, I’m thrilled for Yara that she’s getting paid the big Dior bucks, but also sad, because typically these deals homogenize what the starlets wear — it was famously not good for Jennifer Lawrence — and Yara is more interesting and varied than that. Hopefully whatever deal she signed will give her a bit more flexibility on the red carpet, or yield some custom stuff that’s less bound to what’s on the runway.

[Photos: Getty]