What have we done, Fug Nation? How could Solange have landed an Elle cover without us noticing? We have FAILED YOU. (It was the March 2017 cover, so… it would have been January or February that it was released, smack in the middle of awards season and a few other hurdles we were navigating, so… can we pretend that’s it, and not any kind of tragic negligence?)

It’s also a great cover. I mean, this is, in essence, just a massive winter coat for sub-zero temperatures. It’s Fancy Antarctica. Yet despite that, and how clearly posed this is, she’s somehow still giving it shape and movement. It’s striking and bizarre and jarring and texturally curious — all the things Solange routinely delivers, but with a panache she’s grown into over the years in a way that’s rather thrilling to see. It’s almost enough to make me ignore the fashion-speak silliness of declaring that fashion is “all about ideas now.” Because I guess before it was about… what, recipes?

[Photo: Elle]

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