I love Karlie, I really do. I remember when she first started out — because I am old — and before she sort of toned down her runway walk. Someone — I cannot remember who off the top of my head — compared her to a cobra, and it was an apt comparison. She moved her head from side-to-side in a serpentine fashion and walked very deliberately, and it was mesmerizing. She is still mesmerizing, albeit less snake-like (someone got their hands on her walk, and they were probably right to normalize it a bit). Runway models often feel very interchangeable, intentionally, but every fashion week it is a delight to look up and think, “wow, that girl is good at — oh, it’s Karlie.” She is special.

And there is no better way to prove that she is special than by noting that she is VERY NEARLY making a dress which includes a built-in Glamour Don’t bar seem reasonable.

[Photo: Getty]