Remember Fug Favorite Brynne Edelsten? You NEED to look at her archives if not, and even if so, because they are spectacular. You may also remember that her wedding to Aussie “entrepreneur” Geoffrey Edelsten cost MILLIONS and involved a DVD narrated by Jason “Costanza” Alexander? ANYWAY. Apparently Brynne and Geoffrey are dunzo (he allegedly stepped out on her with a woman who found him on a website for, and I quote, “sugar daddies,” so that’s subtle; love is apparently dead, and also so is his fortune), and this is his new bride-to-be, NOT the same one who broke up what was surely the greatest love of our time, and who designed this look herself:

Apparently, he has a type. And that type is SPARKLY CRACKPOT.*

*Now with Extra Lady Gaga!

[Photo: Getty]

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