We need to talk about whatever is happening here with Adrien Brody:

Heather and I have this joke in Messy about how you can make a positive review out of anything. (I think the actual joke was that our heroine, Brooke Berlin, is touting a rave review she got for the school play, nothing that it said, “Brooke Berlin is on!” when the actual line was, “Brooke Berlin is onstage.” Brooke Berlin does not let such tiny details bother her.) And I have to admit that when I saw this suit, my actual thought was, ellipsis and all, “Adrien Brody is wearing a….suit!” Because the adjective that would go there is probably a little snarky. (Let’s be honest: it was “CRAZY.”) On the other hand, I love it when an actor possesses the stones to wear something so flashy and interesting as whatever this is. It takes some balls to decide to go out looking like you’re late for your back-up gig in Vegas, and I deeply treasure any actor who decides to take those balls and use them. Additionally, I feel like we need to acknowledge that this is probably from the Jackson Rathbone For Kohls line, which is also very supportive of a fellow actor, so it’s a win all around.

[Photos: INF]