This is a British actress named Janet Montgomery:

Premiere of HBO Original Series'

Her name sent me on a twenty minute trip down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, because I was trying to remember if that was, in fact, the actual name of my favorite wackjob from All My Children, Janet From Another Planet. (It is not: Janet From Another Planet was Janet Green. Her other identity [who lived in the mirror, obviously] wanted her to KILL Jackson Montgomery, not marry him. Murder and marriage are so oft intertwined on soaps that I forgot. Also, don’t worry: Jackson lived, because Janet actually killed Mirror Janet with a crowbar. She really is a great character. She also threw her blind sister Natalie down a well and took over her identity, only to find herself accidentally trapped in that same well years later. She was also hit by lightning once, after trying to set off a bomb. At a wedding. I can’t believe soaps are dying. This shit is so good!) 

Presumably, this young lovely has neither been hit by lightening, nor thrown anyone down a well, but I fear she has a very angry flock of peacocks somewhere just waiting to find her alone, in order to make her pay for what she did to one of their brethren.

Let’s see what’s happening at the back:

Premiere Of HBO Original Series'

Oh, honey. No.