Now you can, with a fresh round of our “I Hate What You’re Wearing” t-shirts, redesigned for 2006:


It’s the satisfying way of making sure you’ve told everyone what you think of their shirt, or that skirt with those shoes — and that bag! Yikes — without actually having to tap them on the shoulder and utter the words.

Important: The shirts are on pre-order only through March. Meaning, if you try and order one in April, there won’t be any. We’re not making extras and we won’t have any lying around. It’s now or never, and you have until March 31 to decide.

But here’s a little gift for all our loyal readers: If you use the offer code “fug” when you check out, you’ll receive 10 percent off all other unisex, girlie, baby, and “more” Glarkware merchandise (note: this does not apply to our shirt, or things under the “TWoP” or “friends” section).

So, order today!

Or, order tomorrow, or next week, or even at the end of the month. But don’t order in April, or you’ll be out of luck, and this beacon of passive-aggression will pass you by.

Fug on, fuggers!