I love the Golden Globes, and not just because it’s The Drunk One in the awards-show family. No, I love them because even though they are often on crack — the nomination for Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List being Exhibit A — they do like to acknowledge fresh faces. And one such face I’m excited to see on the red carpet is that of Jennifer Lawrence, from Winter’s Bone. Everyone says she’s terrific in that movie, and she seems like a nice girl.

However, I hope somebody steers her in a better direction on Globes night, because this isn’t doing her any favors. The belt here is actually a helpful idea — that dress needed something to break it up, and judging by the way it’s billowing a bit around her groin, I’m guessing maybe it was a bit roomy on her and so the belt is actually an attempt to camouflage that. But the cut also doesn’t work for her chest. So — interesting idea, but she needs a better fit. Somebody please invest in her and help her bang it out of the theater on Globes night; she’s a newbie AND she’s up for Best Actress, so this is her time. Get her the number of Zoe Saldana’s stylist, somebody, please. Or failing that, just get her Zoe Saldana. Failing THAT, maybe just a DVD of Zoe Saldana and Britney Spears in Crossroads, because no matter what happens on Gobes night, that will make Jennifer feel better about her life.