I totally wasn’t going to do this post this year but, as I write this, it’s the middle of the night and I thought, “WHY NOT, you foolish girl? Let us relive the magic.”  Sometimes people just like to look at pictures from the Royal Wedding. Especially while we are waiting for the New Royal Baby to make an appearance. And as always, I am happy to direct you to our live-blog of the event itself, wherein Heather and I wore caftans and cried and also I got really irrationally mad at Vera Wang.

Also, given that The Royal We opens on the eve of a royal wedding between a commoner and the dreamy heir to the British throne, it would be insane of me not to remind you that it is currently AVAILABLE for your reading pleasure at ANY NUMBER of book-purveyors and that if you enjoyed looking at these pictures, you’d probably enjoy reading it. And so would your mom, and Mother’s Day is May 10th. Listen, I just want you to be happy.

Magically happy:


So happy you just want to roll your perfect hair around the back of some old sofa:




Hug a prince or a well-coiffed commoner today.