Our annual Fug Madness tournament — for newbies, it’s a bracketology contest winnowing down to the worst-dressed celebrity, similar to March Madness and running concurrently with the famed college basketball post-season — will be coming up in March, and we see no reason not to get started early on the brainstorming. Generally, come March Jessica and I get together and go through our lists, check them twice, figure out who’s been naughty and nice, and then decide what seeding level (from 1 to 16) they should occupy. We reserve the right to make choices wholly our own, but we’re always curious where your minds are, and we like to take that into account. Sometimes you remember people we have entirely forgotten, or have reactions that surprise us. And because it’s a nice quiet long weekend, we might as well start the discussion early: Who’s had the worst year? Which Fug Madness regulars might not even make the cut this year (like, has Rihanna even left the house more than twice? I don’t remember)? Bella Thorne probably won’t match last year’s success; can Halsey make it to the final again?

A reminder: The Fug Madness year goes from Oscars to Oscars — so, anything worn after last year’s Oscars, and THROUGH this year’s, is eligible. So that means the stars have another week to make or break their campaigns (whatever that means to you). And we vote on the body of work rather than one single outfit, although certainly in the past we’ve had celebs make it very far on the strength of one major sartorial sin. If you’d like a refresher on who’s won before, or what the brackets were, or you’re just really missing “One Fugging Moment” and want to re-live the glory, our Wall of Fame is here.

All right, here’s where I turn you loose: Who belongs in? Who should stay out?