I might not even have featured Yvonne here, were her look not so strikingly similar to Cameron Diaz’s from last night’s Green Hornet premiere. Let’s let the Chuck star go first:

This is very pretty on her — simple, elegant, a light ruffle, great shoes, pretty hair. Not sure about the lipstick — it looks almost pinkier than nude — but I just love Yvonne, so I’m pleased she looks so comfortably, casually lovely here.  But there isn’t a whole lot to TALK about with it, which almost caused it to languish in my lightbox, until Cameron came along last night:

Nude leather (patent?) pointy stilettos instead of peep-toed metallics; one shoulder instead of both; gathers instead of ruffles. But otherwise, they look like sisters, with their modified Farrah hair and blue eye shadow. The weird thing with Cameron is that she almost doesn’t look like herself, with the tan and the makeup — in several photos I thought she looked just slightly facially off. And I think her stronger coral lipstick is more clashy with the dress. But ultimately, more than most, this is right down to subjectivity: Do you hate one-shoulders, or prefer them? Do you hate peep-toes, or would you wear a hundred of them if pencil-sharp heels would please go away? Fair skin or spray tan (actually, she’s such a surfer, Cammy’s might well be real)? Chuck or Charlie’s Angels? Parenthetically, I was just thinking the other day how much The Sweetest Thing might be the worst movie ever committed to film. That’s neither here nor there, of course, but it just continually amazes me that the song about penis size was ever allowed to exist. That should have been the moment everyone pulled the plug on the production and went home and sold all their handbags on eBay so they could afford to pay back the studio.

Don’t hold it against Cammy here, though. Or, do. I can’t control your voting finger.

Which red is best?

  • Yvonne's (57%, 7,895 Votes)
  • Cameron's (35%, 4,860 Votes)
  • I LOVED The Sweetest Thing! (5%, 716 Votes)
  • NO. YOU DID NOT. I promise. (3%, 420 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,892

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