We are becoming pedi-centric here at GFY this week: First Chloe Sevigny’s shoes were in the leadoff spot in a post about her, and now we have this pair, worn slightly differently but to the same event by — respectively — Isabel Lucas and Angela Lindvall.

Angela Lindvall at the premiere of "Somewhere"

And yes, you’re not mistaken: The heel is modeled after a deer leg**. They’re Louis Vuitton, hot off the Spring 2011 runway,  but unfortunately I don’t find them graceful and sprightly (a la that professional frolicker Bambi) so much as wonkus and terribly uncomfortable-looking. It draws my attention, too, to the level of foot squish we’re seeing in this minimalist shoe, and then I start to wonder about blisters and chafing, and THAT is some sexy imagery, let me tell you.  ** Apparently it’s actually a giraffe leg, which does at least explain why they don’t evoke Bambi for me, and also, makes me lament the lack of famous giraffes.

Let’s look at what each woman paired them with, beginning with Lindvall:

This is so Disco Pool Party, although I don’t think people in the ’70s clipped hair extensions to their wraps. Then again, I didn’t think people in the ’10s did that either, yet here we are staring at a hirsuite shawl and wondering whether Louis Vuitton is newly sponsored by Rogaine.

Enter Isabel:

It’s… better? But still odd, like her torso is getting ready to shoot an ad for a late-night party line where you can call breathy people for “good conversation,” while her bottom half heads off to… I don’t even know. The town square dance? Throw in a Stetson and some boots and I could totally see that outfit on somebody doing the do-si-do with every eligible cowpoke on the reputable side of the Chow Hut.

To be sure, it’s a nice life to get head-to-toe Louis Vuitton for an event, although I’m not sure THIS is quite the LV I would have chosen. What about y’all? Would you have worn the shoes? Would you have done it with these outfits? Or would you have sent it all back with a politely worded refusal and then gone out to buy some Oscar de la Renta?

Pick your poison:

  • Angela wins! (4%, 372 Votes)
  • No! Isabel! (12%, 1,134 Votes)
  • Those outfits are both FULLY CRACKED OUT. (76%, 7,071 Votes)
  • I think the shoes are awesome, but deserved a better outfit. (7%, 661 Votes)
  • The shoes mess up otherwise glorious couture. (1%, 114 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,353

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