First, the good news: Elisabeth Moss got to break out of Frumpy Peggy mode for the Mad Men premiere.

AMC Hosts a Private Preview Screening of

Every time I see Elisabeth out in the world, I realize that I have completely forgotten what her normal shape is after seeing her as Peggy, so it’s nice to see her out rocking her calf muscles and her little waist, and her pretty face without those bangs curled into a hair-claw. She looks confident, and even a bit — dare I say it — sassy.

However, the dress, while perfectly fine on her, probably would have escaped my notice altogether if not for one thing: On the same night she also attended the Peabody Awards presentation ceremony with some of her castmates, and while January Jones and Christina Hendricks wore the exact same thing to both parties, Elisabeth swapped outfits.

And although I don’t know the order in which she wore them, I have to assume the green came second. Because that is the only order in which this costume change makes sense.

67th Annual George Foster Peabody Awards

Of course, regardless of the sequencing, she did don this intentionally at some point, and that is a problem. I’m not sure
why she couldn’t have gone green all night; it’s not like either of
them goes so magically with her beloved canary croc pumps that she
couldn’t possibly choose a winner. But CLEARLY this one had to be first, right? You would never change OUT of that first dress and INTO this. No. I refuse to believe it. This is a sky-blue satin pleated bag, compared to which that top number is pure, sweet, minty salvation. Elisabeth doesn’t even look at ALL comfortable in it — possibly, because she has eyes, and can therefore see that it is ruining her boobs. It is a boring, ill-fitting, wrinkled boob-ruiner. With a bad hem. Oh yes, I said it.

I think I’m a little mad at it, frankly. I kind of want to take it out back and smack it silly, or stick a dunce cap on it and make it sit in the corner and think about its sins. Which would take a long time. We wouldn’t see it again for three years. Bliss!

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