The other day I stumbled upon Sex and the City 2 on cable, and paused long enough to a) remember what an abomination it is against humankind; and b) see the portions where Alice Eve here, as Charlotte’s Hot Irish Nanny, is asked to jump up and down repeatedly while not wearing a bra, because despite being demonstrably a great caregiver and all-around nice person, her character’s main function is: BOOBS. I don’t know if that’s made her sensitive about them now, or what, but I don’t get this:

We have cute specs, a perfectly lovely and formal skirt, and then a slouchy white tee — which I wouldn’t object to if it were tucked in, perhaps, or properly fitted. Instead, it’s tied in a KNOT at her HIP, like she’s at a pool party in the eighties. Check it:

That’s terrible. It’s not flattering at all — not to the skirt, not to the bod. It actually makes it look strangely like she has a conical and crooked third breast growing down toward her hipbone. (Samantha Jones would die of envy at having an extra erogenous part, I’m sure.) I just can’t figure out why she’s undercutting such a lovely figure with one of Andrea Zuckerman’s go-to moves. Practically the whole moral of the first half of 90210’s run was, “No, Andrea.”

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