As I said to our friends Tom and Lorenzo on Twitter on Sunday, this Valentino look prompted ENDLESS SCREAMING from me. I seriously feel like no one picks this dress up and thinks, “well, this is lovely.” They might think, “well, this will stand out,” or maybe “I didn’t know a dress could look like it was on drugs,” or “has anyone checked to make sure that the paint in the Valentino offices isn’t slowly poisoning everyone?” But they would NOT think, “this is gonna look great.” This dress looks like Fashion Plates had a stroke and then fell down the stairs.

When she nearly won our Best-Dressed contest at the Globes — correctly! She looked amazing — some of you were speculating that Caitriona might have a scone in the fire that she was dressing to conceal, but I think her ensemble from another BAFTAs event answers that question:

British Academy Film Awards Nominees Party

Her hair and face are, as usual, fantastic. But you know a gown is ugly when my reaction is, “Oh thank you Jesus it’s a shiny black satin jumpsuit.”

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