[Photo by Vogue.com]

I must confess: I think this cover is great. In the interest of full disclosure, I also have to note that I have a bizarre weakness for Gywneth. She is in many, many ways totally ridiculous and has an unerring, undeniable knack for saying things in a way that sounds as pretentious and out-of-touch as possible — GOOP’s endless loop of, “and then just add a dash of $500 Himalayan sea salt! I get mine in Tibet, but I imagine you could find some at this adorable little rare spices store in Paris as well, which is far more convenient!” being a prime example — and though I agree that she would be well served by shutting it on occasion, I (and perhaps I alone) am glad she exists. I am also glad that Vogue just stuck her in something pretty and told her to smile and act like she didn’t just suggest Paris was a handy place to buy condiments or whatever, because one more cover where the actress in question has been corralled into, like, a suit of armor or had her arm wrenched out of its socket and I was going to lose it. Again.