Several readers emailed about this look, all of them praising it, and one made a very salient point:

Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Installation Luncheon - Arrivals

She pointed out that Nicole’s dress here bears a striking resemblance to something we’ve seen on a young and perky Maria von Trapp, and yet she STILL LOOKS CUTE in it. On one hand, Maria von Trapp IS cute, so that doesn’t seem like that much of a reach. On the other, Maria von Trapp was known more for things like adept mountain twirling, the wooing of dreamy but stern military men, the teaching of musical scales to children during wholesome outings, and an adeptness with goat puppets, so I think it’s safe to say that fashion wasn’t exactly her forte. In other words: WELL PLAYED, NICOLE. Twirl on a mountain in good health.

And we love your hair.