Recently, I read some gossip item or other that implied Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are having problems. I hope it’s not true; for whatever reason I kind of like them together. But if it is… dude, LOCK THIS DOWN:

Premiere Of Sony Pictures'
I love the texture on the sheath, and the shoes — this is the kind of matchy footwear that doesn’t bother me, I think because the color is not so HELLO I AM STILL YOUNG HIRE ME AMERICA, ahem, Jennifer Love — are super hot on her. Also, her legs are awesome. A great tragedy of my life is that mine don’t look like that. (So basically, a great tragedy of my life is that I am lazy… sounds about right.) In all, bravo, Naomi, you are divinity in a dress. If there is trouble in paradise, this is exactly the way to handle it: look so gorgeous that you’re saying without words, “Dude, someone else is going to tap this if you don’t get your shit together.” And if there’s not, well, we’ll see if Liev even made it past Salt’s opening credits before he whisked her off for a quickie in the bathroom.